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Smart Gate FMC is an asset integrity company that provides facility, Renewable Energy, and integrity management services to infrastructures from height to the basement. We specialize in working at heights, using multi-skilled rope access techniques with equipment, procedures, and processes to carry out a wide range of rope access-based services. The advantage of using rope access methods mainly lies in the safety and speed with which workers can get to or from difficult locations and then carry out their work, often with minimal impact on other operations and the nearby area. IRATA is the leading worldwide organization for rope access, promoting high standards and practices within the industry. IRATA is dedicated to the protection of individuals working within rope access and is continually promoting advancements in education and training in all aspects of rope access.

We can help you with a clean signage/billboard or building whether it be a high-rise, block of flats, exhibition Centre or listed building we can tackle the most challenging of cleans. We strictly adhere to a Total Quality Management system in the performance of our operations. This system ensures the efficient and effective processing of the policies and procedures that guide our operations. Our commitment to operational excellence ensures that we remain focused on our objective: Complete Customer Satisfaction.


Mission Statement

Our mission at Smart Gate FMC is to meet or exceed our client’s expectations by going that extra mile in providing quality, safe, timely service and anticipating our client’s needs. We strive to establish long term relationships with our clients based on mutual respect, honesty , and fairness at all time


Vision Statement

The vision of this company is to be the best Access Solution company, M&E contracting, and Oil & Gas asset integrity management company that will always deliver on the promise of providing quality services while improving the workplace standards and the society at large

Our Facility

Facility Audit / Condition Survey

We provide a facility audit/condition survey service aimed at systematically recording inventory and locations of existing facility assets, identifying facility deficiencies, and determining the functional performance of building components and infrastructure.

Through this service, utilities being employed - such as water and power (energy) systems – are kept at their optimum operating conditions. The key to achieving this would be by equating maintenance to delivering reliability. With this fully understood processes that ensure reliability of utility facilities would be put in place.

Our procurement management service helps to build efficiency into your procurement process by delivering a comprehensive streamlined approach to procurement.

We provide training according to the specific needs of clients to meet identified competency gaps in their in-house FM organization team. Our courses are designed to help facilities managers develop professionally and support them as they encounter new challenges throughout their careers.

Waste generation is inevitable, therefore, there is a need to properly manage the collection, disposal, and times the recycling. Processes, plans, and systems are put in place in order to manage the generated waste.

Project/Construction Management

Our project/construction management service involves the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from inception to completion. Our services are tailored to the size and complexity of any given project – and backed by a corporate commitment to total quality management.

Alternative & Renewable Power Solutions

We offer our customers sustainable solutions in the provision of seamless power for their business with a focus on the environment. We provide a 24/7 generator set (100kva-1250kva) rental service for all uses including corporate endeavors, event planners, and residential estates.

On-site Facility Management

Our procurement management service helps to build efficiency into your procurement process by delivering a comprehensive streamlined approach to procurement.

Building Repairs and Maintenance

This involves maintaining the organization’s buildings along with the building components and systems. The crux of this service is first, to create a good working/operating environment, second, to ensure occupational and operating safety, and third, to create an environment that engenders innovation and promotes productivity via the “feel-good” effect created.

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  • High Rise Glass facade cleaning using Rope Access
  • High Rise External wall painting using Rope Access
  • Rope Access Signage/Billboard works 

Rather than the lengthy process of having scaffolding erected or installing a cradle system for the cleaning of your glass windows/painting of wall/ signage cleaning to be done, rope access offers a much faster, safer, and much lower cost in getting your work done.

Rope Access work is undertaken by well-trained and certified technicians and it is safe. Rope Access is a fast and unique approach to your cleaning at a height that will have the most minimal disruption to your business. Rope Access is one of the most cost-effective access solutions available worldwide and it boasts the best safety statistics within the access industry worldwide.

We also offer

Glass Window/Façade Cleaning

Dirty glass windows can have many drawbacks more than you might have realized. They can, for a start, blight the morale of your employees when they glance through a window only to be distracted by unsightly marks and blotches on the surface.


Your business image and, thus, cooperate performance could be hampered due to unclean windows. However, there could be seemingly very viable practical reasons why you are unable to clean the building’s glasses/windows as well as, many other parts of the building.

Windows could be the first things they see as they approach the building. Worse, however, it could adversely affect how many -including potential customers and clients-see the business itself.

Our rope access window cleaning technicians have the competence and equipment to get to commonly hard-to-reach areas. Compared to traditional methods, rope access window cleaning is much more efficient, cost-effective, and safe with minimum disturbance to the client or the building.

Signage Cleaning

As one of your most important marketing tools, signs are an important element of any organization. It’s the first thing many customers see, and often the thing that determines whether they’ll decide to use your service or not. It is therefore important to keep your signage clean always. Smart Gate FMC can help you with that.
Thanks to rope access, we can clean all your retail signs and make sure your organization is always visible to clients using only a set of ropes and a bunch of tools.

Thanks to their lightweight equipment, rope access specialists can perform their job in a very solid fashion while also keeping things extremely safe!

High Rise External Wall Painting

When you need to paint your high-rise building, there are usually only two options available; erecting a scaffold and hiring ‘traditional’ painters or hiring rope access technicians who can paint as well. Then there’s the cost consideration and disruption caused by scaffolding. Compare this to the ease of using rope access and the minimal time it takes to get set up and started.
Using Smart Gate FMC rope access painters to paint your building will prove efficient, fast, and cost-effective.


At Smart Gate FMC we deploy IRATA certified rope access technicians for your glass/façade/signage cleaning jobs. In addition to certified personnel, we use Spartan Super Concentrated glass & Hard Surface Cleaner – It is a formula designed to clean glass and other hard surfaces. It contains no ammonia, no vinegar, dries fast and minimal isopropanol.


We simply start our work from the top of your building/ structure and work down! All equipment is taken with us. We anchor our ropes at suitable anchor points at the top of your building. Once we are anchored safely, we start work


Our technicians are qualified IRATA technicians. We have IRATA 3 technicians (the highest grade) and several IRATA 2 technicians as well as IRATA 1 guys. We adhere strictly to IRATA guidelines for all our work at height jobs.


Benefits of using rope access

  • Windows/glasses are cleaned without the need for expensive cradle equipment, reducing capital build costs and maintenance.
  • No need for the erection of scaffolds all around the building/structure.
  • Minimal disturbance to building occupants, pedestrians, or vehicle traffic flow.
  • High-quality clean due to close contact with the windows.
  • Peace of mind! Cradle systems are at risk of breaking down which can require staff
  • Cost Savings: Your budget goes straight to the required task- not to access expenses. The scaffold could cost thousands before the work has even started!
  • Time savings: Our crew can mobilize and be in a position ready to begin work in a fraction of the time required to arrange and set up an EWP or scaffold. Our team can
    mobilize and undertake any task with minimal lead-in time.
  • Safety: The rope access industry holds an excellent record for incurring minimal fatalities and injuries - compared to EWP and scaffold. The IRATA rope access system ensures all our personnel is trained in using methods and equipment to ensure backup safety systems and redundancy in every instance. High Maintenance has an impeccable safety record and a fully documented work method and safety system.
  • Versatility: Our crew can be working on the south face of a building in the morning, the North face an hour later, or under an overhanging ledge that same afternoon if required! Moving a swing stage or EWP that quickly is just not possible.
  • Reduced management requirements: When you hire High Maintenance, we take the project and manage it to completion. We understand that when you hire a subcontractor- you want results, not problems!

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